Daily business report urdu newspaper faisalabad agriculture

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Daily business report urdu newspaper faisalabad agriculture

Agriculture also supplies raw material to various industries, mainly the textile sector. Although low agricultural productivity results in lower income generation for the farming community, it is further aggravated by inefficient marketing system. The present farm marketing system is deficient in many aspects and so far has shown a nominal performance in materialising benefits from the agriculture sector.

daily business report urdu newspaper faisalabad agriculture

The agricultural marketing system is designed to plan, promote and distribute the produce at a suitable price from farm to the ultimate consumers and industrial users. Market information is crucial to enable farmers and traders to make decisions about what to grow, when to harvest, where to market the produce, and whether or not to store it.

The present agricultural marketing system needs a lot of improvement to prove real potential of this sector. There are many hurdles in the improvement of agriculture sector and these must be removed to put this sector on road to progress.

Our traditional inheritance system has resulted in land fragmentation which is mainly responsible for low agricultural productivity.

This land fragmentation has also created a lot of problems for the farmers. Due to small size of land-holding per acre yield is very low. The farmers with such small land holdings cannot afford inputs 'like fertiliser, hybrid seeds, pesticides, diesel and agricultural machinery.

The insufficient use of input and poor management practices result in low per acre yield with poor quality.

Post-harvest losses are also very high 30per cent because of poor infrastructure from farm to market and poor transportation facilities especially in case of perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables.

Storage facilities are very costly and small farmers can hardly afford it. Marketing problems gets intensified after the harvest of crop when farmers want to sell their produce in the market in order to fulfil their financial obligations. The small land-holders, who are in majority, have marginal income which makes them vulnerable to all kinds of marketing risks.

Prices of agricultural commodities are related to supply and demand, as a result a glut of commodity occurs in the market. In this country there are cyclical trends in the arrival of agricultural commodities in the markets.

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Some times there is glut resulting in depressed prices, whereas shortage of commodities at other time pushes the prices up. In case of fall in the prices farmers get less value of their output. The middlemen avail this opportunity and purchase that commodity in bulk and store it to sell it at the time of shortage.

These situations of glut and shortages in the market make a non-sustainable agriculture sector which is a big hurdle in the way of development. Agricultural marketing has dual role to play in the input as well as output sectors.

However, there are some problems which results in their poor performance. In the first sector non-availability of inputs at critical times is a big problem. In a crop season there is a critical time when fertiliser, pesticide and seed are needed to be applied.

At this time the input suppliers create artificial scarcity to increase its price and reap high profits. The farmers have to purchase the input at high prices otherwise all their previous investment would go to waste.Faisalabad (Urdu: فیصل آباد) is a city in the province of Punjab, Daily Aman, Daily Tajarti Rahber, Daily Paygaam, Daily Business Report, Daily Report and the Daily Surrat-E-Haal.

As a source of agriculture media this newspaper was established in and still serving rural and agriculture business communities.

Their office is. Faisalabad (Urdu: فیصل آباد ‬ ‎; English: / f ɑː ɪ s ɑː l ˌ b ɑː d /; Lyallpur until ) is the third-most-populous city in Pakistan, and the second-largest in the eastern province of barnweddingvt.comically one of the first planned cities within British India, it has long since developed into a cosmopolitan barnweddingvt.comabad was restructured into city district status; a.

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