Iits and iims encourage brain drain

We have enough to meet the needs of the aspirants and what required now at this moment is that the infrastructure to the present institutions should be provided and these institutes to be developed well to save the face of the value of the IIT and NIT. NIT Raipur, for example, which was established following the formation of the new state of Chattisgarh got a permanent campus just two years ago. NIT Andhra Pradesh and IIT Tirupati which were established in following the bifurcation of AP are still running in temporary campuses and no permanent faculty was provided even todate.

Iits and iims encourage brain drain

What is brain drain? Brain drain is also known as "The human capital flight". It can be simply defined as the mass emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another country.

Bra…in-drain can have many reasons, for example-political instability of a nation, lack of opportunities, health risks, personal conflicts etc.


Brain-drain can also be named as "human capital flight" because it resembles the case of capital flight, in which mass migration of financial capital is involved.

For more - http: India's talent going outside and becoming asset for some other country. India's economy is becoming the economy of other country Share to: Solution of brain drain? Brain drain is the process of movement of human resources to abroadfor opportunities. It is very common and serious problem ofdeveloping countries like Nepal.

By creating awar…eness among thepeople, holding different campaign programs, and by providing jobopportunities at a local level, it can be solved.

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To clear the entrance ex…am and the follow-up GD in the case of IIMs requires some stuff between the ears. Since Most of the graduates never work in Indiawhy should we spent for them? Those instituitions creates a new kind of Intellectual caste system. Those kind of educational elitismcreates snobbery and mutual animosities among the people.

So, the topic is really interesting and worth giving my time to voice my opinion upon. What i think that while we are thinking about the possible effects of Brain drain, we …are not concerned about the "brain in the drain part".

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Some of the best minds go to abroad while those who are left here are not of international standards to take our country forward and help it become a superpower in the coming period which we have been targeting for about a decade now. You go into the premier institutes of the country, you meet the average student there, and if you are sane, you will be startled by the quality of students.

The seniors show the path that college life is just for enjoyment and studying is branded uncool. It's not that everybody is same. Any type of developement in this world is always brain gain.So at present government must try to encourage bright students to take-up educational job rather than going to corporate jobs.

Iits and iims encourage brain drain

IITs & IIMs will be a vital role in nurturing the future leaders of India. which result into brain drain situation in the country and hence its become the need of an country,to start these institute in every. Essay about Iits and Iims Encourage Brain Drain Jindal, praising the stellar work done by IITians in all walks of life in USA.

Davis said the United States must take leaf out of India's book and devise a strategy to focus on and improve studies in math and sciences.

Iits and iims encourage brain drain

Sunaina said: (Oct 12, ): Hello everyone. I think we need more entrepreneurs than managers. An entrepreneur is a person who create a new idea, new business, invest money and also bring employment and maximises the profit where the role of the manager is also important ie. Indian Institutes of Technology's wiki.

Apr 02,  · Will it help if more IITs and IIMs are opened to accommodate all students aspiring admission?

# 28 Mar It is a brain drain.

Do you think the country needs IITs and IIMs in every state?

Will an average student after getting admitted in an IIT or IIM, get transformed into a hardworking and sincere individual? Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge. The Government of India created the IITs to train scientists and engineers, with the aim of developing a skilled workforce to support the economic and social development of India after independence in Indians colloquially refer to the students and alumni of IITs as IITians.

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