Low wage social dumping essay example

Since its inception, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT has authorized signatories to apply duties to offset dumping when it causes, or threatens to cause, material injury to an industry in the territory of a GATT member.

Low wage social dumping essay example

Free Trade and Social Dumping: Lessons from the Regulation of U. Essay Free Trade and Social Dumping: Essay Free trade and social dumping: We will write a custom essay sample on Free Trade and Social Dumping: Essay or any similar topic only for you Order now The fear of the opponents of NAFTA and the WTO was not of some abstract principle learned in civics class, but of the real threat of downward pressure on wages and labor, health, safety, and environmental standards that results from trade liberalization in a world of internationally mobile capital.

This fear was expressed recently by Gary Hufbauer, senior economist of the Institute for International Economics.


Free international competition puts pressure on nations to bid down their social standards toward the level of the lowest-standard country. While free trade tends to harmonize standards for labor and capital across countries, in the current economic and institutional climate, international trade liberalization gives this harmonization process a downward bias.

It was the fear of downward pressure on social, environmental, health, safety, and labor standards that loomed so large in the recent debates over NAFTA and the WTO.

Sincewhen the agreement went into effect, Canada has experienced a substantial decrease of foreign capital and a shrinkage of its corporate tax base. This has contributed to the pressure on the Canadian government to reduce its high standards for health care provision and welfare benefits.

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The level of unemployment insurance benefits as a percentage of the average weekly wage fell from 37 percent to 27 percent between and Gasoline sold in the major metropolitan areas must meet higher standards than that which is sold in the rest of the United States.

All gasoline, imported or domestically produced, must meet these higher standards. The complaint Related Essays:The alleged threat from intensified low wage competition manifests itself in the advanced world in increased immigration and competition from imported low wage goods.

Outsourcing enables multinationals to engage in “social dumping” by moving production abroad to less-regulated areas.

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FUTURE OF SOCIAL DUMPING Increased labor immigration has led to problems with social dumping in some industries. Social dumping is deemed to be present both if foreign employees are subject to breaches of health, safety and working environment regulations and if they are paid wages that are unacceptably low.

Under NAFTA Examples of Dumping and Anti-Dumping Dumping EXAMPLE-I Dumping occurs when a surplus of a product exists in one country. $3 a bushel. to fall slowly until it was more in line with the price of corn in America and Europe.5/5(7). Social dumping refers to a high-wage industrialized countries, relatively inexpensive imports of foreign products, the reason why these products are cheaper is because the exporting countries do not provide decent wages, benefits and other aspects of the protection of workers.

Low wage social dumping essay example

If a low-wage industry threatens a U.S. industry, it basically means that the foreign nation has a comparative advantage in that industry. Other nations are “dumping” and don't open their market to us. Let's look at these positions one at a time.

The Japanese auto industry of the s provides an outstanding example of this. Dumping is the export of products at less than "normal value," often defined as the price at which those products are sold in the home market.

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