Medical malpractice case studies 2012

Regardless of the cause, however, the victims of medical malpractice have a right to pursue compensation from those responsible for their damages through a malpractice lawsuit. Determining liability for malpractice can sometimes be more complex than it may initially appear, however. Particularly when malpractice occurs at large medical institutions, such as hospitals, there is often a distinct possibility that more than one party contributed to the events resulting in an instance of malpractice.

Medical malpractice case studies 2012

Fielding, who had wanted to deliver her baby at home with the help of a midwife, assured her husband that everything would be OK. But she never expected to wait more than two hours for an emergency Caesarean section after being rushed to the hospital by ambulance that morning in March If a team of doctors and nurses had performed the surgery earlier, Martinez and Fielding contend, their son, Enzo, would now be a normal 2-year-old boy practicing new words and toddling across the floor.

Instead, the child sat in his parents' arms Tuesday, severely and permanently mentally and physically disabled. Hopkins plans to appeal the verdict, according to Gary Stephenson, director of media relations and public affairs. Fielding's situation, we are frankly stunned and surprised that the jury found for the plaintiff in this case given the evidence that was presented," Stephenson said in a statement.

Fielding's complaint and continue to firmly believe that the medical care provided to Ms. Fielding by Hopkins was entirely appropriate given the circumstances. Wais said the family could use the money to provide hour, in-home care for Enzo; build a one-story, wheelchair-accessible house to replace their three-story home; and pay for treatments and equipment that are not covered by insurance.

They contend their child's cerebral palsy and seizure disorder was caused by a loss of oxygen to the brain while Fielding waited for the Caesarean section. Wais dismissed arguments from Johns Hopkins' attorneys that the boy lost oxygen during prior stages of the mother's labor at the family's home — not at the hospital.

Hopkins officials declined to comment further on Tuesday. In24 cases of significant birth injury were reported by hospitals, according to the state's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. That's down from 30 cases inaccording to statistics.

Snyder, a high-profile Maryland litigator, said the judgment has the potential to further discourage courtroom battles in malpractice cases.

Already, most malpractice cases settle before trial, he said. David Ellin, a Baltimore-based personal injury and malpractice lawyer, said the verdict could encourage more attorneys to take on cases like Fielding and Martinez's.

Few lawyers, despite a perception created by television commercials or phone-book advertising, handle such cases because they are expensive to litigate, Ellin said.

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Beskind, a professor at Duke University School of Law who handled medical practice cases for more than 30 years, said the multimillion-dollar Maryland judgment isn't likely to influence other juries because the outcomes of malpractice lawsuits tend to be very case-specific. Beskind said juries are typically influenced by three main factors when deliberating on malpractice cases: In her case, Fielding said she had a gut feeling after arriving at the hospital that "something went wrong.

Fielding and her husband said it took months to fully understand the extent of Enzo's injuries.

Medical malpractice case studies 2012

With some time and reflection, Fielding, 32, a public health advocate, said she and her husband are focusing on the things Enzo can do. I remember thinking at the time, 'That's it?Research case country location year summary Psychosurgery: s Psychosurgery (also called neurosurgery for mental disorder) has a long the s and s, it became the subject of increasing public concern and debate, culminating in the US with congressional hearings.

Particularly when malpractice occurs at large medical institutions, such as hospitals, there is often a distinct possibility that more than one party contributed to the events resulting in an instance of malpractice.

An examination of a specific case can help to illustrate the remarkable complexity of some medical malpractice cases. During this malpractice case, it became clear that both the NP and the father had very different interpretations of how their conversation went—illustrated by the actual transcript of the conversation.

Medical malpractice cases can get extremely complicated, as a case that went to the North Carolina Court of Appeals clearly demonstrates.

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Marjorie Locklear, who underwent surgery in July , is suing cardiologist Dr. Matthew Cummings for allowing her to fall from the operating table. Dec 02,  · Settlement Outcomes. The fairness of settlements in medical malpractice has also been investigated.

In all but one of the 12 published studies, the likelihood of a settlement payment and the size of any payment have been correlated with the strength of the evidence alleging negligence.

Jul 23,  · News about medical malpractice, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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