Nus honours thesis fass

One module with code starting with GEH One module with code starting with GES Faculty Core FAS Public Writing and Communication One exposure module from the Asian Studies division One exposure module from the Humanities division One exposure module from the Social Sciences division 11 modules from your major your major may have some compulsory modules within this 11, so check carefully Unrestricted Electives 9 modules which are not used to fulfill any of the above requirements A detailed breakdown of more complex types of degree like double major programmes and double degree programmes is beyond the scope of this post.

Nus honours thesis fass

Nus honours thesis fass

Get letters of recommendation LORs from your professors. See section below Have enough money. You can, however, improve your chances.

Research and relevant experience. Since a PhD is about research, having prior experience with research is definitely a plus as this will show the admissions committee that you have an idea of what research entails and that you have the necessary skills to hit the ground running instead of wasting time learning how to use SPSS etc.

How much research is enough? I would say 3 different labs would be the best since you would need 3 LORs. It might be a bad idea to do more than 3 if you would be stretching yourself thin and doing meaningless work and end up not learning anything useful or cultivating good relationships with your supervisors.

The last one can come from RA-ing for another prof, either in school or in other research institutions such as Duke-NUS. The type of experience is also important.

You should ask your supervisors for more responsibilities, such as compiling literature reviews or doing statistical analyses. I would Nus honours thesis fass joining small labs so that you get more work to do, rather than being a small fry at a big lab doing grunt work.

Experience can come from labs that are not relevant, content-wise, to your field. Programming is a very good skill to have since it is increasingly relied upon in most research even in psychology.

For example, in psychology, this is one of the few skills that can make you stand out among other applicants since programming classes are not mandatory in many psych courses.

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Take some programming modules in school so you have something tangible to put on your CV. Conference publications are generally good enough. Research jobs will be the best, but at least find a job that is in your field. If you have a job in a non-related field eg. You want to study cognitive psychology but are doing banking nowfind a related job ASAP.

Your job experience counts for nothing if it is not related in any way to the topic you want to study in grad school. Letters of recommendation LORs. You will need 3 LORs for most programmes. The best-case scenario is thus if all 3 letters come from professors you have done research within the past e.

One way to boost this is to take a few years to do an RA or research masters. A strong statement will get you noticed by the admissions committee.

Have an opening paragraph that is unique which will make the readers more interested. Then, look at the requirements and guidelines for each school you are applying to, and cater your statement to suit them.

Some programmes will have unique features that you can talk about.

Nus honours thesis fass

Some stuff you can talk about would be teaching requirements, unique courses or programmes, the focus of the department, partnerships with research institutes or industry. Write concisely and clearly. There are only a handful of people on the admissions committee and they will be reading hundreds of statements.

Get someone to proofread for you! This is especially important if you are an international applicant. Professors will be less likely to take a student with poor English abilities as that means they would have to spend time editing your manuscripts for grammatical errors etc.A good relevant NUS Honours degree (second class and above) or equivalent (eg., a four-year Bachelors degree with at least an average grade of B or equivalent) for admission as a MA candidate or a good relevant Masters degree for admission as a PhD candidate.

Member, IT Committee, National University of Singapore. Assistant Director, Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore. [Honours thesis] 'Tone it Up': A Corpus-based Analysis of Women Fitness Blogs / Charis Lim Yan Qing [Honours thesis] in Ooi V B Y (ed).

• Helping the FASS Migration Cluster on graduate student exchanges with Korean (23 September ) Lecturer, Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore • Weekly lecturing and tutoring four discussion groups of ‘Human Rights and International Awards & Honours .

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On the topic of thesis, unlike many who chose do empirical analysis, I've taken up the challenge to do a theoretical paper. Maureen is the administrator and outreach coordinator for the Singapore GAMBIT lab, where she is also the coordinator for the summer program..

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