Russian revolution march 1917 essay

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Russian revolution march 1917 essay

What other reasons might there have been? But by December over a million men out of 14 million had died. The army was in full retreat, the soldiers had one gun between three of them, and many had no boots. In September the Tsar decided to take over as commander in chief, to win the war for Russia, and to gain all the credit.

He was held directly responsible, and the moral of the soldiers and Russian citizens plummeted even lower as they looked for someone to blame. Because so many farmers and factory workers had been called away to war, food production had suffered and factories were closing down.

Neither army or the citizens had enough food, the armies were also lacking munitions and the food being left to rot was greatly needed by people throughout Russia. This started the March Revolution,and so helped add to the collapse of the Tsars government.

The character of the Tsar Nicholas II was an important factor in the collapse of his government. The Tsar was a family man, and cared greatly about his wife and family. He was keen for his son to be cured and his wife to be happy, and so allowed Rasputin to stay and advise him and his wife.

The Tsar was a week willed, indecisive man who was easily influenced by his wife. The head of the Duma told him in that Rasputin advising Alexandra undermined his authority, and the Tsar sent an order to get rid of Rasputin. It was cancelled at the demand of the Tsarina.

The Tsar was an autocrat, the absolute ruler. He had a bureaucracy made up from aristocracy, most of them were corrupt and accepted bribes. Because he was an autocrat, if anything went wrong he got absolute blame.

He left when trouble was brewing, and ordered soldiers to fire at non-violent protesters, who were holding pictures of him as a sign of respect. There were many assassinations attempted on Rasputin, until Prince Yusupov finally murdered him on December 30th Although he allowed the Duma to take place, he did not follow through his other promises and he dissolved it as soon as it demanded changes.

The first Duma lasted from April to July The second began in March and lasted until June For the next Duma, the Tsar changed the voting system.

From now on, one landlord vote was equal to nearly peasants or 60 workers, because the majority of the landlords supported the Tsar. The third Duma lasted untilits full 5 years. They lost total faith in the Tsar. The Tsarina Alexandra and Rasputin affected the Tsars government mostly inwhen the Tsar became commander in chief of the army.

Alexandra was left alone to rule the country, and because Rasputin was a healer had helped Alexis with his haemophilia she turned to him for help and advice.

Rasputin had great influence over Alexandra, and Alexandra had great influence over the Tsar so if Rasputin really wanted something to happen, it would.

Alexandra was a very popular Tsarina until Rasputin came along. Rumours were spread about them having an affair, and to make matters worse Alexandra was German.

Russian revolution march 1917 essay

The pair sacked good ministers together, hired bad ones, and in December some members of the Duma came to the conclusion that Rasputin had purposefully destroyed the Russian government because he was a Russian agent. Soon after this he was murdered.Dec 27,  · Russian revolution march essay >>> next Winning essays college free Author topic: the great gatsby essay nick read 3 times writing conclusion paragraph argumentative essay thailand essays biosynthesis.

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Russian Revolution of , two revolutions, the first of which, in February (March, New Style), overthrew the imperial government and the second of which, in October (November), placed the Bolsheviks in power. By the bond between the tsar and most of the Russian .

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Russian revolution essay It removed russia from power during the history. It is the soviet state was born lev davidovich bronstein on 12 march, interesting articles, sixth edition. The Russian Revolution was not merely a culmination of event from , but was the result of political, economic and social conditions from centuries of corrupt tsarist Russian Revolution of involved the collapse of an empire under Tsar Nicholas II and the rise of Marxian socialism under Lenin and his Bolsheviks.

The Russian revolution was not as many people suppose, one well organized even in which Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown. Lenin and the Bolsheviks took power.

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