Socio economic aspect

They are as important as the availability of appropriate technology, adequate capital, effective institutions and people's participation. The term 'policies' covers a vast range of subject-matter.

Socio economic aspect

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Such a situation requires that project planning ensures that these families are given special attention. Whether generated incomes will be used to improve the families' nutritional status depends to a large extent on the involvement of women in decision-making in the family.

It has been found that if women have influence on expenditures, comparatively more is spent on food and health care. Further, it is known that if women have access to knowledge and inputs for production, harvesting and marketing of the products, they have greater influence over decision-making on expenditures.

These factors enhance the importance of the involvement of women in project activities, which calls for detailed target group analysis. The following factors habe been identified as determinants for a successful and effective introduction of fish-farming among the rural Socio economic aspect Such situations might not prevail in all countries.

In cases where land and water bodies are owned by the State and leased to individuals, Socio economic aspect poor might not have adequate access to lease rights. For example in Zambia, where there are more than 50 dams which have been stocked with fish, the Government District Councils allocates fishing rights for sportfishing during weekends.

Rural poor thus have no access to the dams. In some countries the ownership of suitable land for agriculture is becoming more and more concentrated, creating an increasing number of landless labourers or forcing farmers to move to more marginal lands.

To what extent this applies to aquaculture is not known. In Zambia access to land does not seem to be a major constraint, except in areas where land is used for mining. The major part of cultivable land is unutilized.

All land is Government-owned and legally accessible on a year lease basis. Allocation of new land is usually by the approval of the local leaders, political as well as traditional. This can imply that the rural poor of a community may not be allocated the plot of land which is most suitable for their needs.

Villagers with better social links to the leaders might take up the best land. This may be of special importance for land allocation for fish-farming and has therefore to be studied when selecting target areas and groups. Techno-biological factors determine the suitability of land for fish-farming.

In addition to these factors dealt with in the other desk studies location in relation to the farmer's house is also important. Fish ponds, which are located out of easy reach are difficult to manage. There are indications that people have tended to renounce fish-farming since fish was stolen from ponds located too far from their houses.

Socio economic aspect

Fish farmers in Zaire for example were found to give up Tilapia-farming, mainly because of thefts Low, Poaching seems to be less evident in small village communities where people live under similar socio-economic conditions and which have a functioning leadership structure.

Rural poor are unlikely to carry out fish-farming on a scale large enough to financially justify labour inputs for safeguarding. Proximity of ponds to houses therefore has to be considered when selecting sites.

When this possibility does not exist, assigning land to groups should be considered. Such groups would then function as cooperative production societies. However, even if Governments should be prepared to allocate land to groups, the necessary socio-cultural basis for a cooperative to function might be lacking.

A great deal of social groundwork would then be necessary to convince people about the advantages of such an undertaking as compared to existing farming practices. This is attributable to Government strategies, followed for decades, which aimed at ensuring food supply to urban centres.SOCIO-ECONOMIC ASPECT Contribution to Government Revenues The benefit that the government can obtain from Eco-Casket Manufacturing is the tax revenue itself.

Moreover, this business can also offer jobs to a lot of unemployed citizens that will further help the economy build itself. The facilitation of a clean environment and effective environment protection is a fundamental aspect of good business operations.

Gapas Lending Corporation recognizes that its business activities have an impact on the environment, both globally and locally. Socioeconomics is the social science that studies how economic activity affects and is shaped by social processes.

In general it analyzes how societies progress, stagnate, or regress because of their local or regional economy, or the global economy. Societies are divided into 3 groups: social, cultural and economic.

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Economic and socio-economic aspects. 1. Work is on-going to better understand the economic and socio-economic aspects related to marine biodiversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction.

Among the fundamental changes that the den Bosch Declaration recommends is the adjustment of macro-economic and agricultural policies and instruments in order to promote production systems and technologies that can help attain the objective of sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD).

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