Teechers drama coursework

Let me start with a confession. I am teacher, I teach drama and, like most of us, I once went to school.

Teechers drama coursework

Mrs H Ruding-Bryan Overview Drama at Jubilee High School is a fantastic subject, taught by 4 dedicated and vibrant teachers who are committed to delivering engaging and exciting lessons.

Our staff have first-hand experience in the professional theatre world as well as television and radio. This is something we believe to be imperative if we are to inspire the actors and directors of tomorrow as well as instilling confidence in our students across the board.

We assess the students with a practical every half-term with performances to invited audiences of parents and peers.

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Our students benefit from a state-of-the-art theatre, with full, professional lighting and sound rigs, large stage, seat auditorium, drama workshop studio and mirrored dance studio as well as practice rooms, wardrobe and recording suite.

Year 7 Year 7 students participate in a range of practical skills lessons that inspire, build and nurture our students. Year 8 Our Year 8 students continue to participate in skills-based lessons with a clear focus on those which are transferable to KS4. In the first year, we focus on honing skills and building confidence in performing to invited audiences.

The students are introduced to blocking and setting original plays, devising from stimulus and learning and developing roles, learning lines and directing.

Year 11 In year 11 we complete the coursework elements of the BTEC course as well as performing final productions to large invited audiences. They complete three units of work - two are marked in school and one is externally marked. All units are externally verified and assessed. Homework Within drama there is a variety of homework set.

These range from researching historical context of a play, learning lines and developing their characters, writing monologues and creating presentations on skills learnt.

Enrichment In drama at JHS we host a wide range of clubs and trips throughout the year. We also hold many rehearsals in the evenings and some Saturdays and hold performances each term that families and friends are invited to come and watch.Drama What is this course about?

The GCSE course in Drama is a dynamic, challenging and varied course which provides a progressive education in performance skills, theatre practitioners and analysis of text and performance.

Teechers drama coursework

Teechers by John Godber - A collection of teaching resources for GCSE drama, including warm-ups, games, role play and freeze frames. With free PDFs to download. Drama and Theatre: This unit is designed to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed, learning how to analyse and evaluate live theatre.

This will involve attending the theatre and the study of two set plays, one preth Century and one from the 20th/21st Century. Introduction. Drama is taught to all pupils in KS3 and as an option at KS4. Currently, there is one in Year 11 and 1 group in Year 10 studying GCSE.

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The course is run by AQA. The course is designed to engage and encourage students to become confident performers with the skills they need for a bright and successful future.

During their time in GCSE Drama, students to do what they like best – participate in performance. Jan 25,  · Hi there, I am spending my sunday catching up on coarsework and im a little stuck.

Nearly finished my drama coarsework but i need to know; How i could use each dramatic convention (Split Staging, Juxter position, Thought Tapping, Marking the moment, Freeze frame, and Cross Cutting) and why i would use them in practical barnweddingvt.com: Resolved.

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