The efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing techniques and consumer population of the american

Advertising Effectiveness by Jerry W. Thomas The advertising industry, as a whole, has the poorest quality-assurance systems and turns out the most inconsistent product their ads and commercials of any industry in the world.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing techniques and consumer population of the american

The following describes the contents of the marketing plan which includes the executive summary, corporate purpose, situation analysis SWOTobjectives, strategies, action plan, monitoring evaluation and control and the marketing intelligence system. Executive summary The planning document should start with a short summary of the main goals and recommendations to be found in the main body of the plan.

A summary permits management to quickly grasp the major directions of the plan. Corporate purpose There are two elements to the corporate purpose, one is to prepare the organisation's basic mission statement, the other specifies the basic management goals.

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Basic mission This answers the question what business is the enterprise in and what business should the enterprise be in? Periodically the basic mission of an organisation has to be reconsidered since the environment of enterprises is constantly changing.

For example, in the wake of market liberalisation many marketing parastatals are being forced to revise their mission statements. Those that formerly had exclusive rights to market staple foods such as grains, and under market liberalisation have had this exclusive function taken away from them, are wrestling with the question of what their role should be now.

They may have alternative roles which they could assume such as becoming the buyer and seller of last resort, or becoming an instrument of development whereby the parastatal acts as the marketing agent of small scale farmers and with their storage and transport resources close the competitive gap between smallholders and the large farms and plantations.

Then again, the marketing parastatal may be commercialised, or even privatised, in order to increase the level of competition when new grain suppliers enter the market. Whatever role is chosen, it should be expressed within the organisation's mission statement.

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Another reason for reviewing an organisation's mission from time to time is that larger enterprises can find themselves gravitating away from their core business. The process can be imperceptible. Investments can be made here and there, none of which amounts to a substantial drain on corporate resources but collectively they can sap those resources and divert the organisation from its core business and core customers.

This was experienced by the multinational mining company Rio Tinto. The company's core business was the extraction of precious metals but over time it diversified its portfolio and became involved in many other types of business.

Some of these were fairly closely related to mining but others had little or no connection. One sector in which Rio Tinto became involved was agricultural equipment and services.


These agricultural businesses ranged from the construction and assembly of equipment to the operation of a forge and the provision of an irrigation systems design service.

The management of mines and mining has little in common with the management of agricultural manufacturing businesses. The methods of operation are quite different, the resources required are on quite different scales, as are the returns on investment, and the strategies that are applied in one sector have no relevance to the other.

Eventually, Rio Tinto did what many large organisations have done before it and returned to its core business by divesting itself of these other investments.

By doing so, Rio Tinto released resources which it could then channel back into the core business. It should not be concluded that only large organisations become confused over the question of what business they are in. Some businesses never consider the question of what business they are to operate in at the outset.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing techniques and consumer population of the american

Foba Engineering, based in Kaduna, Nigeria, is typical of many small companies in that it makes a range of unrelated products. For instance, Foba fabricates both grain milling equipment and trunking for street lighting.Among the more popular techniques used in monitoring the actual marketing performance of an organisation are sales analysis, market share analysis, marketing expenses to sales ratios, attitude tracking, profitability and efficiency analysis and Lorenz curves.

National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics publishes data on the American science and engineering workforce and the progress of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States. Health care/system redesign involves making systematic changes to primary care practices and health systems to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of patient care.

Skip to Main Content. U.S Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Program;. The quality of life of every American relies in part on the products of the U.S.

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