Writing a radio play bbc school

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Writing a radio play bbc school

The radio play is based around Bangladeshi immigrant characters who have owned a cafe in London's Norton Folgate for thirty years. But now the local governing council have served a demolition order, and the developer of the site turns out to be the father of their son's girlfriend.

The play, which took over two years to develop, was written by Mark Davies Markham who has shared the back story about it on a blog post published on the BBC web site: Suggs, of legendary ska popsters Madness, is married to a brilliant singer.

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Flattered, she invites me to have a lager shandy with her old man, Suggs. A play created around a classic concept album. What do you reckon? Well, his management did. I would not only need his approval but that of the rest of the band too. And, as luck would have it, The Liberty of Norton Folgate was the perfect concept album to go back with to my producer Jeremy Mortimer.

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The next stage was to find out what inspired the album. How generations of immigrants have contributed to the area to make it the vibrant, unique place that it undoubtedly is.

The play airs at 2: It can be streamed live outside the U.They began writing for Radio 4’s Weekending and then French and Saunders before landing their big break on Channel 4’s Light Lunch.

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writing a radio play bbc school

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$. Jun 14,  · Writing in The Listener at the time Irving Wardle observed that the play ‘has repeatedly proved itself a natural radio work’; he also suggested how it might be made to work in visual terms. 2 Structure A radio play has scenes like a stage play, but these can be swift and fragmentary, as well as long and solid.

It is useful to think of a scene as a. Tamsin Smith See More. Tamsin. With 15 years experience reporting for BBC TV and Radio News, Tamsin is now a freelance broadcast journalist based in London.

Here two families shed light on ‘School Refusal’ play. BBC Radio 4 PM programme – Ugly Yellow Handbag. 14 July School Radio offers a number of teaching resources to support the primary English curriculum at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage Programmes target the key learning objectives of the curriculum and.

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